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Packet handling

Packet handling was designed to be dynamic, therefore easier to change if need be. All packet handlers should implement the PacketHandler interface and contain the following method:
void handlePacket(PacketContext ctx, Player player)

PacketContext is a class that holds attributes specific to a certain packet. To obtain said attribute, use the following method:

Whereas, ATTRIBUTE_NAME is your attribute. Attributes are set via the packetDef-####.xml file in ./data/packets/.

For example, opcode 14 in login is the session key request. The client sends a single unsigned byte to the server that signifies the "name hash", said to be used for picking which login server to use. The xml markup for this is as follows:
	<packet opcode="14" name="session key request" class="">
		<field type="ubyte">name_hash</field>

To obtain the name hash, we can do this:
int nameHash = (Integer) ctx.getAttribute("name_hash");

NOTE: This should all be done in a class named SessionKeyRequestPacketHandler in package, as specified by the XML markup.
NOTE: Check the PacketManager class for information on casting, DO NOT CAST TO A DIFFERENT CLASS!
NOTE: Do NOT add the opcode in the xml markup, unless there is a sub-opcode that needs to be read!

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